About Us

Who We Serve

 We are open to first through fifth graders. Our boys are recruited from Parsons Elementary and Burnette Elementary. However, Pack 846 also welcomes boys whether they come from other public schools, private schools or are home schooled.

Our boys come from all kinds of backgrounds and although Pack 846 is chartered through the Sugarloaf United Methodist Church, our Pack welcomes boys of all faiths.

When and Where We Meet

We meet on Monday evenings at 7 PM. Most of our meetings (weekly den meetings and monthly pack meetings) are held in the Worship Center of Sugarloaf United Methodist Church. However, there are times when our boys meet offsite during field trips and go-see-its.


Sugarloaf United Methodist Church  1795 Old Peachtree Road, Duluth, GA 30097-3417

What We Do

We offer pack events every month, weekly den meetings and other experiences throughout the year such service projects, camping trips, field trips and cookouts. We also have the Pinewood Derby, where the boys get to build wooden cars and race them, and our annual Blue & Gold Awards banquet in the winter time. We encourage attendance at as many activities as possible. All activities help to develop character, but most importantly for the boys, the activities are fun!

How Much Does it Cost?

The Cub Scouting program is supported by families. Based on this, there are different costs that you can expect to pay during the course of a Scout Year (Sept. 1 - Aug 30)

  • $90 Pack Registration Fee
    This fee covers your scout from Sept. 1 - Aug. 30th. The fee covers the following: (1) Annual BSA membership (2)Boys Life Magazine (3)Secondary Insurance that BSA is required to carry on all units (4) Pinewood Derby Car Kit (5) Pack T-Shirt (Class B Uniform) (6)Awards (Badges, Pins, Belt Loops, Beads, etc.)

    The fee does not fund other optional acitivities, such as camping, Pack parties, go-see-its, and banquets. These activities are usually nominal costs ($5-20) depending on the activity.

    Our Pack offers optional outings from time to time that you may want to attend. Examples of these may be attending professional sports events or events like the circus. The costs for events like this typically range from $15-25 per ticket.

    Our pack schedules "Super Trips" every 2-3 years and these trips are more expensive. An example of a "Super Trip" - Our Pack traveled to Charleston, SC March, 2010 and spent two nights sleeping on the USS Yorktown. The fees (excluding fuel, transportation, and dining costs to/from the trip) for the Yorktown excursion were $75.00 per person. 


  • Monthly Den Dues
    Our dens typically collect $5 per month per scout to cover den supplies for acitivies, crafts, snacks, etc. These dues usually are collected for only 7 months during the school year and are not collected during summer.


  • Scout Uniform and Den Book
    Please see the section entitled "Uniform Guidelines" regarding what is required for our Scout uniforms.


  • Popcorn Sales
    Every year, our scouts are able to participate in Popcorn Sales. It is a BSA sponsored fundraiser (much like Girl Scout cookies). This activity helps the Pack earn additional money to put towards important items for our Boys.

    Although we collect $85.00 per Scout, the Pack only retains $20 per scout to be put towards items like awards and recognitions. In 2009-2010, our Pack spent almost $5,000 on Awards and Recognitions for our Scouts (Badges, Beads, Beltloops, etc.). Without our boys raising funds from popcorn sales, we would not have been able to provide as many awards and recognitions as we did.